Monday, 26 January 2015

Proof of my work in Brussels on behalf of British taxpayers  

Below are the links to several videos of my speeches in the European Parliament over the years 2004-09, which are all on the public record.  I was normally allowed one minute only – so they are mercifully short.
You Tube also carries a great many more of these short speeches, and many other longer speeches shot at public meetings around the country.
These clips demonstrate my straightforward and uncompromising stance on matters concerning British taxpayers funds. 
They were also dreaded – and ignored whenever possible – by officials and commissioners. 
NEVER ONCE was anything I said in the EP ever challenged or disputed by any official or Commissioner.  Not once.
I believe any juror (or judge for that matter) seeing these few minutes of material would recognise my work for what it was – say what needed to be said and to hell with the consequences. 
(I hope their reaction to my memoirs A Mote in Brussels’ Eye would be the same.)
[To access each video press the Control button and simultaneously press the left of mouse]
OLAF DG “does not snoop” 
EIB funds BBC and bought its support
US Ambassador to EU knows about fraud
Appointment of Competition Commissioner
Court of Auditors are a charade

Unexplained deaths of senior EU officials involved in ECB
SFO briefed on EU fraud and corruption
EU’s secret Global Security Fund
500 euro banknotes and a new central banker
UK contributions to EU unaccounted
Lack of Budget Control
Finally, part of a speech I gave in the UK.  It last about 10 minutes, but contains some important facts about the way the EU operates, hitherto unknown
Enjoy – and circulate as you please


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