Thursday, 23 October 2014

The EU Must Be Very Afraid

On Monday 20 October, 2014, the UK’s Criminal Prosecution Office announced that charges were being brought against Ashley Mote, the Independent MEP for South-East England 2004-09.  The charges allege misconduct in public office, acquiring criminal property, false accounting and deception. 

All these belated allegations follow over ten years of investigation by the EU into Mr Mote’s political activities while a Member of the European Parliament.  All relate to matters which have been in the public domain for many years, following his whistle-blowing activities.

In a public statement immediately after the charges were announced, Ashley Mote said:  

The timing of these charges is no accident. 

On instructions from the EU, the British police raided my home without warning in March 2013, barely a month after publication of my memoirs A Mote in Brussels’ Eye.    

Now, over 18 months later, I am charged within days of UKIP winning its first seat in the House of Commons. 

One coincidence too many.  And much to the benefit of Cameron in the run-up to the general election.

The allegations made against me are rejected without qualification.  As for the EU’s devious attempts to implicate my family, they are beneath contempt. 

Meanwhile, the CPS and Hampshire police have some serious questions to answer.  The freedom of MEPs to act according to the mandate on which they were elected is protected by law – the EU’s own treaties.  Furthermore, officials have no right to interfere with those activities, however distasteful and inconvenient they may be to pro-EU bureaucrats. 

The EU acted outside the law.  They are in breach of Article 28 of the Merger Treaty of 8 April 1965 which was incorporated into later treaties.  The relevant words are : Members of the European Parliament shall not be subject to any form of inquiry, detention or legal proceedings in respect of opinions expressed or votes cast by them in the performance of their duties.  Those opinions can, of course, only be formed by investigation of the EU, and votes cast on the basis of knowledge.

It can be no surprise that these same bureaucrats have unlawfully pursued a vigorous and deliberate policy of harassment against all anti-EU MEPs ever since the first few were elected almost two decades ago.

Meanwhile, my accusations against the EU stand.  Amongst many other things, I have published incontrovertible evidence of institutionalised corruption within the EU, proof of the systematic looting of taxpayers’ money, and evidence of the deliberate dilution of national identities by mass immigration and imported criminality. 

Other accusations include the EU’s funding of illegal raw uranium exports to Iran; the establishment of the EU’s Global Security Fund – essentially a private slush fund: and European taxpayers’ money used to finance Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

My collective investigations into EU fraud and corruption resulted in two visits to the Serious Fraud Office with boxes of documents and evidence accumulated with the aid of a leading forensic accountant, and the former Chief Accountant of the European Commission, Marta Andreasen, who had been sacked for her pains. 

Another visit was made to Scotland Yard, also with documents and evidence of malfeasance against members and officials of the British government. 

Finally, I must point out that I have repeatedly asked a crucial question of successive British governments.  Since the United Kingdom's Government Resources Act 2000 calls for public accounts to ‘present a true and fair view’, and demands ‘that money provided by parliament has been expended for the purposes intended by parliament’, why has the law never yet been fully applied to funds sent to the EU?  I still await an answer.

My memoirs, A Mote in Brussels’ Eye, published in January 2013, provide details of all of the above, and much more besides.  I intend to circulate substantial extracts in my defence, and my memoirs will be essential reading for the jury.  All these matters have been in the public domain for years.  There can be no sub judice restrictions on discussion on any of these issues.

Ashley Mote added, “Do I really need to remind people in the UK that the European Union has a flag no one salutes, an anthem no one sings, a president no one can name, a parliament (in Strasbourg) no one wants, a capital (Brussels) full of a bureaucrats no one controls, law-makers no one elected and a currency based on a fiction?

“The past 15 years have proved to me that EU’s bureaucrats will stop at nothing to preserve their own self-interests – even when the euro and the continental economy are crashing down around their ears.  They dominate the EU because there is no mechanism to rein them in.  They answer to no-one.  They also have the keys to the safe.

“It will all end in tears.  The only outstanding question is about the scale of the damage its collapse will leave behind”, he concluded.

Memoirs link

New statements rebutting these latest allegations will be added to this website :   It will also be updated as events unfold.


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