Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Update on Police Raid - 7 May 2013

After two months, the police still refuse to explain themselves.

Cash and most documents have been returned, without explanation, but I still have no idea why the police chose to invade my home on 5 March.  Nor why they have kept my mobile phone and a few other papers, none of which can be of the slightest interest to the police or anyone else.

The Chief Constable of Hampshire, Andy Marsh, has refused to reply both to a Subject Access Request (which allows individuals to know what data is held on them by official bodies) and to a Freedom of Information Request.   Nor have the police revealed the name of the JP who signed the search warrant, the law court at which he or she sits, nor the information provided to secure the signature.

The newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Simon Hayes, whose website carefully avoids telling the county’s taxpayers how much he and his new office cost every year, has not so much as acknowledged my three letters asking for his assistance.

Only possible explanation for both the police raid and the deafening official silence ever since is that the EU is furious at the contents of my memoirs A Mote in Brussels’ Eye.  Has Brussels persuaded the UK authorities to try to find out who my sources were?  If so, serious questions about due legal process and the rule of law will emerge later.

Meanwhile, I’m not telling.

Leverson or not, a confidential source is just that.  Having started professional life decades ago as an investigative journalist I well understand the principle and am committed to it.

Elsewhere in Brussels, a Member of the European Parliament has put down a written question to the European Commission asking if any EU institutions were involved in briefing the UK police and, if so, why?  We know part of the answer already.  The EU has demanded a refund of all my parliamentary allowances during my five years as an MEP.  That effectively confirms that the real purpose is to uncover my sources.

The drama continues...

Other Angles

My book has apparently become a source of information about the personality and character of Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, now that he and his party have emerged as a serious threat to the Tories. 

A Mote in Brussels’ Eye records our work together in the early days, our clashes and separation after the 2004 election, and my first-hand experience of Farage and how he operates.

My earlier book OverCrowded Britain, which started life as a draft UKIP manifesto pledge on uncontrolled EU immigration, has suddenly become a sought-after source of information – for obvious reasons. 

While stocks last, I have reduced the cost on Amazon to £1.99, plus postage.  Each copy is signed, and comes with two free pamphlets – J’Accuse…! and We Want Our Country Back.

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